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Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

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One Hundred and twenty (120) hours of course work are required, with a concentration in an allied field such as computer technology. Students are engaged in making music with technology, performing, composing and producing digital music formatted materials. Students study musicianship during the first two years of the degree program, which combines music theory, history, keyboard, aural training, and music technology. Students participate in music ensembles and applied music lessons each semester they are enrolled (8 hrs. total). The degree is designed as a four-year course of study.

Facts about the BSMT program

  • First undergraduate music degree to be offered entirely with music technology throughout the program
  • Interdisciplinary studies within the music degree
  • Globally recognized faculty in music technology
  • Unique music technology labs and facilities
  • Campus technology links to Internet 2 and Virtual Reality Laboratories
  • World-class IUPUI digital library and research labs
  • IUPUI Teaching and Learning Center for technology-based instruction
  • Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center


The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology degree is designed to provide professional training for students seeking careers that employ music technology. The program builds skills and knowledge common to the music industry and professional fields. The program is broad in scope and enables students to function effectively in the changing, contemporary musical world. It will foster leadership skills in the areas of creativity, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. The BSMT graduate will be able to adapt knowledge gained from this program to related disciplines beyond traditional music specializations. It will serve as a platform for students seeking the IUPUI Master of Science in Music Technology degree and will prepare graduates for advanced musical and technical study.


The BSMT curriculum reflects the diverse mix of music and technology in today’s professional world. Many students will come into the program with years of experience in manipulating technology, yet lack the musical skills and knowledge to employ it. Employers, particularly in the business sector, will expect BSMT graduates to be adept at using music technology since it pervades every aspect of music product development, online performance, Internet2, hardware, software programming, commercial music, and world of classical music world. The curriculum is open to a variety of academic and musical backgrounds; some demonstrating strong mathematical and computing skills and others with exceptional musical talents. The coursework fosters a high level of musicianship expressed through technology yet also supports student interests in employing it to develop technological skills that reflect their academic abilities.

BSMT Recipient Career Paths

  • Multimedia production
  • Computer-based training and education
  • Music publishing
  • Music hardware development
  • Music software design
  • Entertainment management
  • Internet publishing (audio and video)
  • Public performance
  • Song-writing
  • Sound Design
  • Music retail and media distribution
  • CD audio production

Curriculum and Requirements

Application Requirements

  • High School degree with a 3.0 average or equivalent
  • Audition (See Audition Requirements)
  • Basic musicianship skills test
  • Interview with MAT faculty
  • Additional information may be requested to document musical skills and/or experience with technology

Audition Dates

  • Saturday, November 14, 2015
  • Saturday, February 20, 2016
  • Saturday, April 9, 2016
  • Saturday, June 18, 2016

Please note: International applicants from other than English speaking countries must take the TOEFL.

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